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Are you ready to make money on-line?  Are you looking for the website that will help you achieve online marketing success?  Well, welcome.  You have come to the right place!

When I published my first book in 2016, the standard advice was you had to have a website to promote your books.  So then webuilding was added to the many jobs that come with authorship and self-publishing!!

This was frustrating, because webbuilding was never one of my interests.  But now it was time to learn.

After two failed websites (the first was built on my own, the second was hired out), it seemed more time was spent on building websites than writing books!  This isn’t what I had signed up for, and was about ready to give up on this cyber-business. 

The funnels, the scams, the on-line courses, the hour-long infopodcasts that tell you nothing except how to spend your money to hear the solution – it makes one feel the only “funnel” is taking your money with nothing in return.

makes you want to cry

As usually happens, the last-resort-search is the search that changes the course of your actions.  This was true when I found Wealthy Affiliate.  A Wealthy Affiliate member sent an email with a link advertising a free website builder.  No credit card required.

Well, like over 1.4 million other members of Wealthy Affiliate, I found this is the place to be.  Everything you need is at your fingertips; training, encouragement, and an extensive library on how to build an affiliate marketing business.

My goal is to help make this transition  into internet marketing as easy for you as possible.  At the moment, very lucrative affiliate marketing is in CBD oil.  This site is a go-to site for not only finding affiliate links for CBD oil, but how to set up a beautiful website that will bring readers back time after time.  The upside?  You make money on the purchases they make when they click on product links on your website.  

Wealthy Affiliate Starter MembershipAffiliate marketing is a booming business for online entrepreneurs.   There are countless online companies offering affiliate programs that sell countless products!

This is how it works:

Once you sign up as an affiliate, you are given a link specific to your site. 

You review a product and put links to the product in the blog, your reader clicks on that link, decides to buy the product, and you get a commission. 

A customer looks at a product about seven times before they decide to buy, but even if they buy the product on someone else’s site on the seventh click, the commission still goes to you because they clicked on your link first.


It will take time to build your site and generate people who will buy your products.  But the beauty of online marketing is that once you get your site set up, you add two or three blogs a week to your site,  and watch the money roll in.  There are incredible stories of Wealty Affiliate members who picked the right niches, are making money doing what they love, while the internet works for them 24/7.

There are few sites that have all the tools you need to build a profitable online business under one roof, so to speak.  This website serves that need.  You will find links for affiliate networks (not just CBD oil), individual companies, and for the best web-builder and keyword search tool in the business.


To provide the tools necessary to build a money-making affiliate website.  To share what I’ve learned with you, so that you, too, can make money through affiliate marketing.


The theme of this website is selling CBD oil, and other hemp products. The oil of the hemp plant has incredible healing properties, and people are replacing their pain and anxiety medications with CBD oil, not to mention the many other uses of this wonderful plant.

The criteria I use when researching the many CBD products and online companies is this:

    1. Organic products that are 100% CBD full-spectrum oils, meaning the entire plant is processed  
    2. Quality grade oils with zero THC
    3. USA companies that purchase and process hemp grown in the USA
    4. Rigid quality standards
    5. Higher-than-average commissions

In this new industry without regulations, there are products that have questionable processing practices, and unless you research each product before you buy, you really do not know what you are getting.  Here I do the research for you.  You can be assured the products offered on this site are top quality, your customers are getting what they paid for, and at the same time you are supporting American businesses.


It would be remiss on my part to just throw you to the wolves with some links and let you sink or swim in the vast sea of the cyberworld.  Along with the affiliate links and reviews, there are blogs with advice on how to write compelling content, how to write product reviews, and general tips on getting your business up and running.


An author of four self-published books, I love to write blogs, and have built several websites.  After a year or so of stumbling around in the dark, not able to find the right training to build a great website,  I was ready to give up with this cyberworld.  As a last resort, I clicked on a link in an email from a friend,  which led me to the greatest affiliate website building and training program on the internet.  Part of Wealth Affiliate’s training is finding a niche, and the idea of promoting affiliate marketing and CBD products developed into what you see here.

As this is an affiliate marketing site, when you click on an official-looking link to a product, you are setting the wheels in motion for me to earn a few bucks, as well.

Thank you for visiting I wish you success in your endeavors in online affiliate marketing.


Start your journey here!  Learn how to build a beautiful and money-making website.