Product Review – Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil is Great for Pets


bottle of nutiva hemp oil
1 gallon of Nutiva Hemp Oil

Did you know there are 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats in America alone?  Americans spend $60 billion on their pets a year.  The market is huge for hemp oil in the animal world.

This review is about hemp oil by Nutiva, a California company that specializes in organically grown health and personal care products.  This wonderful oil saved my dog’s coat.    

Did you know hemp oil is loaded with nutrients and Omegas? Hemp oil is expressed from the seeds of the hemp plant and is one of the most nutritious plant products around.

facts about hemp oil
Hemp oil is packed with Super-Omegas


My dog, Pup, is 11 years old.  He had a rough, dry patch on his back that would not stop spreading.  At first, it started with a tuft of hair that came out, and before I knew it, he had a patch about 3 inches round of bare skin surrounded with dry, scaly skin.  Having had great luck with silver cream from an earlier wound, I used silver cream for about a month and it was working, but his skin was still very dry, and the bare patch kept spreading.

Rather than spend a ton of money on CBD oil, I decided to try hemp oil instead.  I brushed all the dead skin away and rubbed the oil into his fur.  If it works on the outside, it must work on the inside, so I started giving him about 2 tablespoons a day of the hemp oil in his food.  Then I sat back and watched his hair grow back seemingly right before my eyes!  Within a week, his scaly, dry skin had loosened up and his hair is quickly growing back!  His coat is soft and shiny, just in the short time we have been using it.


Having such good luck with Pup, I tried it on the other dogs.  We had just lost a service dog to cancer and that is what started me on this kick of finding better food for our dogs.   The ol’ girl’s coat was also turning dry, so after a few doses of the oil, her hair is once again thick, beautiful and soft.   The puppy is the new service dog in training.    When I bring out the bottle to pour on his food, he jumps around and licks the bottle.  He loves it!


People rave about how much better they feel.  Of course, the body is suddenly getting the Omegas it has been craving.  Much of the food we consume is empty calories  Hemp oil is a great way to get the nutrients that are cooked out in processed food.  I am testing it out on myself, now, to see if my hair becomes soft and shiny like my dogs.  I make my own face cream and also started putting hemp oil into that.

The taste might take some getting used to.  It has a strong nutty flavor and is a little strong for my taste buds.  Hemp oil doesn’t go well with foods, in my opinion.  I will stick to drinking it down as quickly as I can.

Anyone can use this product.  It is perfectly safe for children, animals, and adults.  With good nutrition comes better health, and hemp oil is a great way to get the amino acids we need in a very inexpensive way.


a great source of essential amino acids


I encourage you to give Nutiva Hemp Oil a try Try it on your pets.  Try it on yourself.  You will soon be sold on the wonderful qualities of this humble oil.








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