Product Review – Joy Organics – The New Kid on the Block


     Founder of Joy Organics at her store in                             Fort Collins, CO

Move over, CBD stores, and make way for this new kid – Joy Organics. 

Well, she’s not a kid, she is a grandmother and a businesswoman who specializes in producing pharmaceutical-grade hemp oil.

Joy Organics is a family-owned and -operated CBD oil company based in Colorado. They use a strain of hemp especially bred for high CBD content that has absolutely NO THC. Their hemp comes from 100% organic farms. The products are tested both in-house and by a third-party.  Joy’s products contain ZERO THC and are legal in all 50 states.

Joy came across this business when she started searching for a CBD product that would relieve her pain.  She found it is a crazy world out there, with unregulated and poorly-produced products.  

She saw the need for a pure, organic, bioavailable full-spectrum CBD oil with prices people could afford, and so she partnered with some of the top-level experts in the industry to develop a strain specifically for her products.

Joy is committed to giving back.  In her Fort Collins store, she sells hand-made items by women from around the world.  Joy Organics’ website advertises a program for families that need the products and cannot afford them, and the company also donates proceeds from sales to non-profit organizations.


Joy Organics partners with the largest grower, manufacturer, and distributor of hemp-derived products in the USA.  Leading experts in the field turn the raw hemp compounds into oil by undergoing a 7-step process.

 Ease Your Pain

Joy Organics Seven-Step Process

  1. Organic Farming:  The plants are grown on farms that practice 100% state-of-the-art organic farming.
  2. Raw Hemp Processing:  The plants are dried in warehouses and milled into a coarse powder before transported to the laboratory for processing.
  3. Proprietary Extraction and Solids Separation:  Using a hemp extraction and purification process specific to Joy Organics, every drop of the 112 cannabinoids found in hemp, including CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and THCA, is extracted out.
  4. Distillation:  The food-grade ethanol used for extraction and solids separation is then distilled from the oil.
  5. Removal of THC:  Joy’s products are 100% THC-free.  During this process, any unwanted compounds are “washed and polished.”
  6. In-House and Third-Party Testing:  Each batch is tested in house and must pass rigid certification guidelines.  Once a month, the product is tested in a third-party lab to verify the certification.
  7. Nano-Emulsification Process:  The last step is making the CBD particles as small as possible.  Nano-sized particles make it easier for the body to absorb, technically called bioavailability.

Read about the full process here.



As you can see from the information on the bottle, a 500 mg bottle gives a serving of 16.67 mg per full dropper.  Bottles also come in 250 mg/8.33 mg serving, 1000mg/33.33 mg serving mg, and 1500 mg/50 mg serving. 

The recommended serving is 1 to 4 droppers a day.  Start with a small dose and titrate it up over a week or so until you feel the relief you need. 

The strength of your symptoms and the size of your body will determine how much you need.  You cannot overdose on CBD oil, but if you start feeling lightheaded or queasy, lower your dose until you find what works for you.


Product Information for Joy Organics


Gel caps have the dose titrated out.  You can buy the regular gelcaps, or those with melatonin or curcumin included.  Joy Organics also offers salves, vapes, energy drinks, face masks, and products for pets.


In another blog on this site, I give a full overview of CBD oil.  You may read it HERE.


There is a generous offer of 25% commission on each order that comes from your affiliate link.  Begin by signing up at Post Affiliate Pro where you will find banners, links, and tips on how to sell your product online.

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A website or blog is the best way to promote affiliate products, and Wealthy Affiliate will get you started with a beautiful website and all the tools you need to promote your product.  If you have more than one website, Joy Organics encourages you to place ads anywhere you can.  

You can advertise products by writing a review and posting it on free sites, joining marketing forums, issuing a press release, sending out a newsletter, using pay-per-click (PPC) ad with Google AdWords, or making a video and putting it on Youtube.  Let your friends on social media know about this great product that is reasonably priced.

Commissions are paid on the 20th of the month by Post Affiliate Pro.  Each affiliate application is reviewed by the staff.  You must meet their guidelines, which can be found on the affiliate page.


Do you have a brick and mortar store and would like to sell CBD products?  Joy Organics also has a wholesale marketing program.  For those who want their own brand on the bottle, there is the white-label program where the staff at Joy Organics will help you design your personal label.


If you want an affiliate program that is easy to work with and offers quality products, I recommend Joy Organics.  I have tried the product and found it to be as advertised.  This is a top-quality CBD oil company, and I encourage you to give them a try.


chart of process used

                                             Joy Organics Uses the Best CBD oils in the Business


Joy Organics


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  1. Hello, CBD Oils is taking storm these days. Joy Organics seems like a great service. I agree that people should find good CBD oils and not just purchase them from just anybody.

    I wrote a review about CTFO and people are leaving comments thinking that CTFO is the only way to make money through CBD Oils. Have you heard about them? They are a network marketing company that I think you should check out.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, All the best Evelyn.

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