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Changing lives, one bottle at a time.

This is the claim on the website of CBD BioCare.  Based out of Florida, this company offers CBD tinctures, face products, pet products, and pain relief cream.  They have a generous affiliate program where a sales representative can earn up to 40% commission, depending on the volume of sales.  When your customer clicks on your link to CBD BioCare and purchases a product, you will be his referring sales representative for life.  At any time, whatever he purchases, you will get a percentage.

The hemp is organically grown at licensed farms in Kentucky under superior growing standards.  The products are then manufactured in an FDA federally-registered facility.  No animals are used in testing and all products are certified under the Certificate of Analysis from third-party testing laboratories.

After the plant is harvested and tested at the farm, the product goes to the FDA-compliant food-grade laboratory where the oil is drawn from the plant through a CO2 extraction process, and again tested for quality.  Once passing this test, the oil is bottled and sent to CBD BioCare where the batches are randomly tested again.  As you can see, the standards are rigid for processing quality CBD oil at CBD BioCare. 


The entire plant is used, and the Omega-rich hemp oil from the seeds is used as a carrier oil.  This way, you gain benefit from the entire plant – CBD and all the other properties in the plant, plus the high nutritional value found in the seeds.  The Omegas help CBD absorption, so you are getting the full benefit.  The products are THC-free, the products are 100% hemp, and are 100% bioavailable, meaning it is easily absorbed into the body.

In addition to the full-spectrum oils that come in 500 mg, 750 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg, and 3000 mg doses, there are also BioSkinCare anti-aging moisturizer, apple stem cell rejuvenating cream, collagen retinol cream, and under eye cream.

Not to forget your pet, there is a full-spectrum BioPetCare tincture.  

The items are reasonably priced and shipping is free, with a 14-day money-back guarantee on all products.

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The mission of CBD BioCare is to spread the benefits of the oils to people who need them, and to share the passion to people who want to be self-employed online.  This second goal is accomplished with a generous direct-sales program.

The sales volume accumulates over time, and if your customer buys a product six months after clicking on your site, then you still get the commission.  The commissions compound month after month, so you can see, this business can be very lucrative for you. 

Payment will be issued to your bank account three weeks after the customer buys the product.  There is a 14-day return policy, and you will not get a commission on products that are returned.  However, according to the CBD BioCare website, the return rate is less than 1%, and they have a high conversion rate, meaning that people who click on your link will most likely buy a product.


CBD BioCare purchase options


If you sign up for the free package, you get just the CBD BioCare affiliate link.  Since you are building a website through Wealthy Affiliate, save your money and take the free package.  The other packages include the affiliate link, a landing page, (the $49 for the landing page is included in the price), a coupon code, and products to try.

If you are set up to sell oils to the public, the wholesale program requires you buy 21 units a month.

Click Here to create a New Sales Rep Account.


To learn more, read What is the Hype about CBD Oil?  This article discusses how CBD oil relieves chronic pain and illnesses, the benefits, and an easy-to-understand explanation of why CBD works.


A search on the internet will lead you to many, many sites, all selling CBD oils.  See for yourself how lucrative this product has become, and it will become more popular as time goes on. 

The problem became quickly apparent.  With all these people selling CBD oils online, how do you know you are getting a quality product?

Whether you are buying CBD products for your own use or planning to sell them, you want top-quality oil, not some bottled snake oil.  You want to make sure your product is full-spectrum CBD oil, and not “hemp CBD oil,” and especially not “hemp oil.”

The world and the internet is full of scammers; people wanting to take your money with nothing in return, so please, do not fall prey to get-quick-rich schemes, or free-you-only-pay-shipping scams.

If you are building a website through Wealthy Affiliate, it will take time to get your website up and running to generate traffic from Google searches.  But if you follow the step-by-step instructions as presented in the lessons, you will build a website that sells, without spending a ton of money to do so.

Use the same consumer buying sense when buying CBD products as you do anything else you buy online.  Research the product and find as much out about it before you buy.  Be cautious of reviews – everyone is ranting about this new product, so you will read similar raving reviews on all sites.

Is one legitimate product better than another?  After doing the research for you, I offer top-notch companies so you can attach to an affiliate link and generate income on your own.  The best way to determine if one product is better than another is to give them a try and see for yourself.

Satisfied customers are the most enthusiastic, so if you are sold on your products, you will be knowledgeable and driven to sell the best CBD oil on the market.


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