How to write a product review for CBD oil

product reviewHere you will find a basic template for a product review which you can use for any product on the market. 

To make this blog meaningful to CBD products, I have added a few ideas you can incorporate into your review.  As you scour the net, you will find many reviews and blog posts which basically are the same kind of review. 

The idea is to make your post stand out above the rest so people read yours, and buy the products you sponsor.  There are tricks to making this happen and with time and hard work, you will see your income stream grow.    

After you set up your website with Wealthy Affiliate, you are ready to start writing blogs.  You may use the headings presented here as a template for your own reviews.


Spend a bit of time on this.  Keywords draw traffic.  Use the keywords sparingly throughout your post.  You don’t want to draw unwanted attention from Google!  How to find keywords is discussed in another post.


There are no quality controls to regulate the sale or production of CBD products.  Companies use different processing methods, some have their special strain of seeds.  Understand the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil, and the products that come from each.  Do not forget there are other uses for hemp beside healing properties, and researching and using the affiliate links from these might be another stream of income.


Build your criteria of expectations for the company.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Will you only use companies from the US?  

Try Nutiva Organic Cold Press Hemp Oil

Will you offer companies outside the US?

Do you prefer organically grown hemp?

Tell your audience what criteria you use to select products.  Thoroughly read the company’s website and get to know them well.  Take notes as you do this so you can easily transfer their information onto your blog.  Keep reviews in your own words.  If you use anything that is off the company’s site (images, videos, tables, a snippet from a paragraph) be sure to note where you found the information in the caption of the image, within the text, or at the end of the content.  Link the references if you find them relevant.  Take pointers from other bloggers and incorporate some of their tricks into your written material.


This is where you tell your readers about the glories of CBD oil.  Talk about how the oils relieve symptoms of pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness.  Search the internet to find something unique about the oils.  Scan the internet for reviews from people who use the product.  Incorporate one or two of these into your post.  Use points from the reviews to write this section if you run out of things to say.


Oil, salve, cream, energy drink, gummies, softgels.  Inform your reader on the benefits of each of the ways CBD can be dispensed.


How is the Oil Extracted?

What does the company you are reviewing do to distinguish their product from all the rest?  Have they developed a special strain of seeds?  Where do they get their hemp?  What is the process they use to produce the oil?


Tell your readers what you like about the product.  Tell them what you do not like about it.  Give an honest review.  This is where you establish your authority on the subject, and you want your readers to trust what you tell them.  This is why you should make sure that the products you offer your readers are of good quality.  For sure do not lead them to any scams or fake oils.


Wrap up your article with a summary of what you just told them.  Leave a call to action.  Encourage them to buy the product.  Ask them to leave a comment.  Communicate to your audience to let them know you value their thoughts and opinions.  Establish a rapport with your clients and they will spread the word about buying their CBD oil from your site.  


Make your blog interesting and colorful.  Show your readers some lovely images that are relevant to what you are writing about, and throw in a quote or two.  People love visuals, but do not overwhelm them.  Give them enough so they will come back to revisit your site.  And when they do, they will find more reviews that you have thoughtfully written.  More reviews, more products to buy, more satisfied customers.

Now you are all set to research and write your first product review.  Follow the template and suggestions I’ve presented here and you will have your blog written in no time.

Please leave a comment below with your questions and concerns.  Blog on, my friends!


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  1. Beware, of a company called Prime Natural CBD oil, their product is no good, it is rip off , you will be charged $118.88 for a 1oz. bottle, of 300mg oil, which is worthless, won’t do anything for you. If you ask for a refund on a unopened bottle , when you return it they will keep the oil and not refund your money. Happened to me.

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