Define your niche. Research your audience. Part 1.

affiliate marketingSome people might believe finding an audience and defining your niche are two different topics, but in this blog, you will see how the two go together.  

As you begin to build your website, two of the most important questions you need to answer are:


There are 7 billion people on this planet.  Half of us, 3.75 billion, have internet access.  An audience this size is overwhelming, besides the fact that you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

This is why it is important to drill your niche down to as small a size as possible.  This post offers categories of common niches, and ideas within those niches to make your selection even tighter.  But you cannot pick a niche without knowing your audience, just as you cannot build an audience without a passion to share your idea.

It is easier to pick a niche if you know your audience, than the other way around.  What are the people you know interested in?  What are your interests?  What is your passion?  Once you answer those questions, you will be well on your way to setting up your website.

Who is your audience?  Do you know who you are writing for?  What are they interested in, what is their passion, their fear, a problem they need fixing?  If you know this, you found a niche.


internet users

So you see, defining your audience first is very helpful in knowing what you are going to write about.

In the post Setting up an Affiliate Marketing Website, the subject of targeting your audience is mentioned, but here we will go deeper into this subject.

What is your niche?  A niche, according to Google, is a comfortable or suitable place in life or employment; a calling, a vocation, a function, an opportunity.  It is also a recess in the wall, a cubbyhole, a nook or cranny where you place a statue, or flowers.

Think of this definition as you are brainstorming possibilities for your niche.  A niche is an opportunity to help your readers find their calling – a place to display your “wares.”  Like a vendor selling hot dogs, you are offering something specific that your readers will enjoy.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your way.  Some ideas are listed in different categories, because of the diversity of niches and the many ways you can approach one topic. 


There are thousands of topics on the market, just as there are thousands of affiliate marketing programs.  Search for “topic + affiliate program” and you will see a long list to chose from.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

ART:  Fine art, modern art, art galleries/studios, getting started as an artist, selling your art, selling art online, art from different countries, region or city, art careers, art therapy, famous artists, art for kids.

COLLECTABLES:  Coins, stamps, comics, sports cards, sports memorabilia.

COMPUTERS:  Reviews, repairs, for small business owners, for schools, IT tips, IT careers, troubleshooting, opening an IT business, networking, affiliate marketing, computer security, what to know about hackers.

BEAUTY:  All-natural beauty items, vegan beauty items, specialty makeup (stage, movies), beauty blogger or Youtuber, budget beauty items, spa reviews, how to make your own beauty products.

BUSINESS:  Amazon fulfillment, starting a business, coaching online, self-publishing, funding for start-ups, market a brick and mortar business, affiliate marketing, managing a team, the benefits of a virtual assistant.

sewing machineDO IT YOURSELF (DIY):  Furniture building, furniture restoration, kitchen or home design, DIY car maintenance, DIY health care and natural remedies, homeschooling and study materials, DIY clothing (sewing, tailoring, repair), DYI house maintenance.

EDUCATION:  Educating adults, educating children, specialty/niche schools, tutoring, starting a tutoring business, study programs, special needs technology, homeschooling products.

FASHION:  Athletic gear, newest styles, wardrobes, fashion illustration, style guidance for different body types, fashion on a budget.

FITNESS:  Weight loss, weight gain, CrossFit, yoga, pilates, using body weight for fitness, fitness for women, fitness for men, training for competitions, training for a marathon or triathlon, fitness gear.

FOOD AND COOKING:  Nutrition, food from different countries, restaurant reviews, organic or locally sourced restaurants, healthy eating, different diets (vegetarian, vegan, for athletes, for children, for the elderly, gluten-free, paleo) dehydrating foods, cake decorating, brewing beer.

GARDENING AND SUSTAINABLE LIVING:  Functional gardening, lasagne gardening, landscaping, community gardens, sustainable gardens, growing plants (tomatoes, herbs, fruit trees), trimming and pruning demystified, gardening tools and gear, gardening in small spaces, gardening on your roof, leaving a smaller footprint, living off the grid.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS:  Essential oils including CBD oil, herbs, dental health, foot and hand care, diseases and disorders, sexual health, bone and joint health, mental health, home healthcare companies and options, insurance demystified.

MARKETING:  Email marketing, flyers and handouts, social media marketing, market your products, content marketing strategies, affiliate marketing, webinar marketing, event marketing.

MEDICINE OR MEDICAL FIELDS:  Medical supplies, new drugs and studies, pursuing a career in medicine, nontraditional medicine, integrative health, health coaching CBD oil.

MEN’S ISSUES:  Fatherhood, parenting, being a role model, staying fit, balancing career and family, dating, raising confidence, how to dress, adolescence, mental health, men’s health.

PARENTING:  Homeschooling, nontraditional families, age-appropriate entertainment and activities, dealing with bullys, learning another language, learning a musical instrument, tutoring, money management skills for kids, infant clothing and supplies, child rearing.

PETS AND ANIMALS:  Pet training, pet care, pet health, dog breeds, cat breeds, exotic pets, veterinary schools, animal activism, CBD oil.

man afraid of speaking
Help your customers face their fears

PUBLIC SPEAKING:  How to get started, overcoming fear, motivational speaking, teaching, workshops, public speaking as a business.

SOFTWARE: For restaurants, offices, accounting, graphic design, video editing, audio, document design, product design, website building, file management, presentations. 

SPECIALTY SERVICES:  Plumbing, accounting, tax prep, deck building, home remodeling, car servicing, car painting.

SPORTS:  Martial arts, football, fishing, basketball, surfing, sailing, tennis, swimming, camping, hiking, golf, sailing, bicycling, skiing, hunting, poker.

WEBSITES:  Freelancing, online stores, coaching, consulting, events, weddings, infopreneurs, how to use WordPress, using Wealthy Affiliate, how to build a successful website, starting an online business.

WEDDINGS:  DIY planning, non-traditional weddings, religious weddings, weddings on a budget, wedding florals and centerpieces, becoming a wedding planner, organize weddings.

WOMEN’S ISSUES:  Motherhood, women’s health, adolescence, pregnancy, fitness, cosmetic surgery, aging gracefully, clothes, face care, family, child rearing, helping parents, children with special needs, disability issues surrounding women.

WRITING:  Fiction writing, nonfiction writing, self-publishing, traditional publishing, poetry, short stories, writing for businesses, copywriting, freelance writing, content writing.

YOGA:  Yoga gear and props, for weight loss, for health, for kids, yoga retreats, different styles of yoga, teaching yoga, starting a yoga studio.

two kids doing yoga
Yoga for Children

This list is not even close to the many niches out there, but it should give you an idea of where to start.  As you can see, the items in each category can be drilled down to smaller niches.  These categories have a large market with easy-to-find items to sell on your affiliate site. 



As you are dreaming of the many niches you can fill, now is the time to think of your audience.  Who is your audience?  Who will read your posts?  Who will buy your products?  You can have a beautiful website and fancy products, but without traffic, you have nothing.

How do you generate traffic?  By knowing who you will sell to.  For instance, if you are a hairdresser, do you cut only women’s hair, or do you also cut men’s hair?  You try to cut their hair the way they want it so they will be pleased and come back.  They like you because you are friendly and courteous, and offer great service.  This is how a brick and mortar business succeeds, and the same is true of an online business.

If you had a carpet store, people would not come to you to get their hair styled.  

This is why you need to know who you are selling to.  Your online business is no different.  Instead of a general store, think of a specialty store, like the examples above.  But first, you must answer the burning question. 

Who will buy your product?  Who are your customers?

To find that out, read this next.

Define your niche. Research your audience. Part 2.


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